this seedling is off on its own course. one parent was orange. the other was purple. and other than blooming late in the season it sure seems to have little in common with either of its parents…

14 thoughts on “yellow

  1. Gradmama2011

    Fascinating! Do you keep identification beyond the second generation? i.e. the parents of (in this case) Gudrid ad Mascara Snake? It could be interesting to see coloring of the grandparents and greats.

      1. Gradmama2011

        Was the new flower as you expected, colorwise etc. or a surprise. The grower near me went out of business completely, I didn’t get to buy any lilies because I truly did not have the money, and I didn’t want to show up like a cheapskate after the price was very low.

      2. John Hric Post author

        A deal is a deal even if it is a going out of business sale. Most growers know not everyone is made out of money. As for was it what I expected I have pretty much gotten to the stage where I just wait and see the results. Some crosses are all over the place what the kids will look like. And every so often you get some that have a different look that knocks your socks off.

      3. Gradmama2011

        The plants that I have came from that grower several years ago. If I had stopped I would have spent a bunch of money that I did’nt have and then worry about getting them in the ground. Until recently I just sort of ignored my plants and let them fend for themselves.:-)

      4. Gradmama2011

        Indeed, I have basically ignored them since I first planted them…at least ten years ago, then I moved most of them a couple of years ago. Reading and seeing your Lily of the Day is intriguing…god influence.

      5. John Hric Post author

        Sometimes it is. Sometimes the information for a hybridizer plant is seedling x seedling. It is what it is and sometimes that is mostly a mystery. Which is just fine. It helps a little to know about a plant’s history when making a cross. Yet there is so much in the genes that all sorts of variations are produced. So it is really a matter of just making the cross and seeing what happens. It is good to plan and in the end one just has to wait and see what will be. Hope that makes sense Gradmama.

      6. Gradmama2011

        I do tend to get into things that interest me. Knowing more about lilies is interesting and the more I know the more I want to know. Then too, I’m getting so I need less active interests that I can engage in while leaning on my cane. 😉

      7. Gradmama2011

        At the moment more concerned with passing my ancient Toyota through the e-check within the deadline…that cut into my budget for repairs. The BMV has never been a favorite hang-out.

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