what will they do ?

pick two interesting plants. put them together. that is put pollen from one plant on the pistil of the other plant. see if the pollen takes. if the genetics are compatible a seed pod may start to form. wait for the seed to mature. harvest seed. store and then plant seed. wait a year or two for the plant to reach blooming size. keep the deer away. yes bambi will eat daylilies. see what those two plants did. here is a flower out of a cross between a flower named Forty-Two Dollar Date and a seedling. the seedling is twice and then some as large a flower as Forty-Two Dollar Date. and the new seedling is about the same size as Forty-Two Dollar Date. like i said what will they do ? first the new seedling. then the two parent plants…


10 thoughts on “what will they do ?

  1. TamrahJo

    Names always intrigue me – for instance – was that named Forty-two dollar date back when $42 helped two to dine at the only 5-star place within 100 miles, that one had to wait a year to get a reservation at? Or….. LOL


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