done ?

this one is most likely done for the season. though every now and then a plant will surprise me and grow another bud or two. it bloomed yesterday and its pollen went on several other flowers. it is a big yellow. the bloom is in the 8 inch 20 cm range. it did not bloom as tall as its neighboring seedlings but that might be a reaction to the weather this summer. several other plants have bloomed shorter this year. i went looking for a better picture as parts of this one are not completely in focus. and while i did not find another picture from this summer i did find a seedling from this flower. it bloomed earlier in july. and it resembles its parent flower even if it blooms on a different timetable. images of both follow. first the one that just finished blooming. then the flower from july…


3 thoughts on “done ?

  1. Gradmama2011

    love the colors of this one. I this morning posted a shot of a similar colored lily on my desktop. I miss my lilies, but now I can see this everytime I see my desktop.


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