two pictures in a row with no label. yesterday’s picture did not have one. though i did have a clue on the seedling label. the flower for tonight no label no clue. which leaves the question – does a flower need a label ?…


10 thoughts on “labels

  1. TamrahJo

    Labels, to my mind? Are just things we humans ‘bestow, given our language/time/understanding at the time’ to express/share with another what we love/care about/think important – thus, I express myself, using labels AND get in trouble, all the durn time! referring to labels – the kindest, least judgemental, no ‘misunderstandings’ caused, label, for this one is too long – – LOL – – I’d ‘label’ it – “Look at what survived, thrived, had offspring with zero notice/care from me! It’s pretty, I noticed it, and well – – it just did it’s thing without me doing a stinking thing – not even labeling it/naming’ it – – ” — :D. I’m off a Sunday full of ponderings, soul searching, frustration (again!) over labels, and history and what folks think about things/say about things and then get made later, when someone calls them on, “but…but…I THOUGHT you LABELED such and such as ‘bad’ but sounds like ‘good now?” and have the temerity to ask, “What changed?” – – Flowers? Blossoms? Plants? etc.? They just ‘are” – ever more so when I had NOTHING to do with anything other than noticing, I had failed to notice them before – LOL That human Label? “Oops! Just noticed! Just now! Ain’t ya purdy?” is a ‘label in my brain that I bestow, often….LOL


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