10 thoughts on “red

  1. Gradmama2011

    This one has nice symmetrical star throat markings. Actually fire engines aren’t really bright red, more of a less-boisterous red The best color for fire engines is said (by my late fire chief husband) to be the lime-yellow… for visibility and brightness.

      1. Gradmama2011

        I need to get my seeds into better position for making sure they dry. I have eight envelopes with seeds, I can’t lay them out on paper towels or the like, as I will for sure dump them right away. 🙂 I was thinking maybe I could use a paper egg carton. Some have two seeds, one as many as 12 seeds.

      2. John Hric Post author

        Gradmama I leave my seeds in a paper envelope for 3 or 4 days until they are dry to the touch. After that they can be stored. With winter heating you want to make sure they don’t get too dried out. A lot of people put them in zip lock bags and then into the refrigerator in the veggie crisper drawer. We have an old coal cellar. I leave mine in the paper envelopes and put them in a large plastic container. It is not really air tight so I seal the whole thing in a plastic bag. And put it in our coal cellar. Some people start their seeds indoors in late winter. I prefer direct planting in the ground. They can be planted about a month before the last frost date ( mid April planting here in norther Ohio) and I have planted as late as June.

      3. Gradmama2011

        Thanks so much for the info! I have just 9 envelopes, so they fit in a small plastic box with a inner lid (like a kleenex box) that will allow air then a maybe airtight outer lid that seals the box. All are identified and dried, and I’m confident that I won’t mix them.

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