multiple colors. some flowers have a blend of shades. this is one of them. a soft pink petal with a big yellow throat. and that yellow throat has an orange blush. the very center is a light green. dress the edges with a bit of ruffling. all of it is packaged in an open star shape. now all i need to do is make sure this plant is flagged to come out of the seedling bed to a spot in the garden. a collection of good things like this should not be allowed to sneak away…


10 thoughts on “colors

  1. Gradmama2011

    pretty parfait… this beauty sure needs to be tracked. How will you mark her for special observation? The entire topic of Daylilies is so fascinating, I don’t want to ask any dumb questions 🙂

  2. John Hric Post author

    Gradmama – there are no dumb questions. While the flowers are in bloom the most direct and safest way is to tie some flag tape to the flower scape. Preferably with a decent description written on it. As things progress and the scapes dry and start to break off something more permanent is needed. The surest method is to tie some flag tape to the base of the plant. Again with a description. And to place stake next to the plant with the same description. It seems like over kill but once the flowers and the scape fall off the leaves all look pretty much the same. There is nothing worse than saving the wrong plant from the seedling bed and letting the plant you wanted to keep slip away. Even when moving a plant to a permanent location some gardeners will go to the trouble of burring a permanent label underground with the roots. That way if the above ground label is lost you can make sure you have the right plant.


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