oh sorta

new flowers get evaluated. different parts are weighed against the whole. this one has a little bit going for it. and a little bit going against it. then again there is only one picture from this summer that has been indexed. there might be more hiding in the folders or not. or it might get lost on its way from the seedling bed to the main garden. or it might mature with a different look. for now, for one day i will enjoy the look even with all its blemishes. dark saturated sepals covered with blushing pale pastel petals…

4 thoughts on “oh sorta

  1. susansdailygarden

    I’ve wondered about when causes unusual markings in my daylilies, from the same fans. I always chalked it up to the pesky sprinkler patterns (which I, sadly, don’t get to set) but now you’ve got me wondering. Genetics? Perhaps some off-season reading is in order.
    Thanks, always, for continuing to share!


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