walking though the garden. walking through the folder of images from this past summer. this one is all yellow. it is star shaped. so as i look at it what has this one been crossed to ? looking at the images one seedling shows up. it will have to wait for another night. no doubt this seedling has been crossed many times. however it can take many crossings to set a pod with seeds. so it comes as no shock that only one seedling has shown up. some flowers are stubborn. patience grasshopper…

8 thoughts on “yellow

    1. John Hric Post author

      Me too. the laptop screen makes me double check. sometimes it distorts the colors if the viewing angle is off. I already want to see it again out in the full garden. The seedling bed is too shaded and it limits the number of blooms.

      1. Gradmama2011

        Color and computer screens aren’t always pals. I’m anxious to see what my lily seeds do, if anything. I’m optimistic always. There is all-day sun in the front bed, I plan to move my existing lilies and encourage the new seedlings….fingers crossed. Is this a good time to move bulbs?

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