it is about 36 inches tall and the bloom is about 7 inches across. it is also fairly fussy about setting seeds. i don’t think there is enough mood music. and yes the pinched form meets with approval. now back to the search for mood music…

8 thoughts on “star

  1. TamrahJo

    Beautiful in the petal shape to my amateur (don’t know anything about this stuff!) eyes, and the subtle blending of colors from outer reaches to center – so, to this amateur? Who cares if fussy setting seed? MAYBE just needs to be protected to do it’s thing when and how it feels like – – LOL. Truly just commented to give you a chuckle over ‘idiot/ignorant’ ways of the ‘lazy gardener’ LOL

  2. Gradmama2011

    nice petals, forget what they are called (if I ever knew) colors are lovely. But then I haven’t yet seen a Lily I didn’t like. Besides, how rude would it be to make a negative comment … like: “not yellow enough,” or “why are those petals so skinny?’ just kidding…I love the flower 🙂


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