holes in the ground

it is moving day in the garden. the compost piles have been emptied. and they are quickly refilling as the gardens are cleaned. and all of those plants that were flagged this summer are being moved. older plants a coming out of the garden. and new seedlings are filling their places. this is a quadrant that will be filled with flagged plants. it is part of a 24 foot 7.3 meter circular bed. each year a quadrant is emptied and new flagged seedlings are planted. depending how closely they are planted 30 to 50 seedlings will be planted. and the cycle continues. scroll down. there is a flower…


13 thoughts on “holes in the ground

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is mostly planned with a strong dash of chaos. At this point in the year those flags that were tied to the select scapes can quickly get lost as brittle scapes break off. Getting one seedling out of the bed without damaging other flagged scapes is not without hazard. there is nothing worse than holding a flagged scape that has broken off a now anonymous cluster of fans. If it goes mostly as hoped for it is a good thing. Thanks Judy.

  1. susansdailygarden

    Absolutely awesome!!! And very tempting. As I sit here hearing neighborhood dogs howl at something that just came through – probably a deer but maybe a bear. I wonder how tall of a fence I would need? 🤔 (I’ll never get there …)
    Thanks always for continuing to share!


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