urban fill

there is sandy, loam, clay, and other sorts of soil. then there is the soil here. i call it urban fill. before this land was residential it was other things. woods, perhaps agricultural and the base layer is a yellow clay. at some point all sorts of rubbish and scrap was dropped and eventually covered with another layer of dirt. years of adjusting and moving gardens let me discover these different layers and remove a lot of rusted and broken junk. so now when i dig a new home for a plant the junk comes out and slightly better dirt replaces it. the plant may grow there the next 3 or 10 years. some plants seedlings can have 8 or 10 fans and a root mass 12 inches 30.5 cm across and almost as deep. so the planting hole is even a little bit bigger and deeper. peat moss and composted is added to help ammend the clay. an organic fertilizer and alphalpha pellets are also added to enrich the soil. and then the plant goes into the ground. tomorrow some more flagged seedlings will move…


6 thoughts on “urban fill

  1. TamrahJo

    The ground at my place, AND my house (built in 1913 with 1 room, 2 rooms added later, covered porch on one side and then the other, slowly enclosed, etc.,) ALL, whenever work takes place to repair, improve, etc., their various layers – –

    Sometimes? When I prepare an area where I actually DIG in, instead of just adding me own layers on top of what was already there? I refill in layers, with different stamped ages of pennies – just one, here and there – out of chronological age – – true, I’m ‘littering’ in my own ‘cleaned up’ area, on the other hand?

    Somedays? I JUST CAN’T resist the urge to play a joke on some future being/archeologist, etc. And it is often done, with a small prayer to the Heaven’s, with a message for my son, “See? I still remember the wonderful time we had discussing your essay written for HS history class, that required you to write an alternate story for what a stone crypt for a pharoh’s tomb (that was plundered long ago and held no inner mummy/case, etc…..) could have been – – – And so, just for you? Today? I’m honoring my memory of you and your hilarious parody of it being a bathtub – ” 😀

  2. Gradmama2011

    Here we are on a lovely old lake ridge, when I built my new house after my husband died, it was on rich sandy soil that had only been farmland back through time. The builders dug a hole for the basement, which unearthed great topsoil and numerous small stones… no boulders, much to my disappointment, but a frew arrowheads and stone utensils scattered around by indigenous hunters. The hill of topsoil was then spread around over the building lot.

  3. susansdailygarden

    Oh yes, the history of land! Our hunting/camping land used to be land logged by one of the larger logging companies. They would pretty much “slick” the land, leaving a few seed trees. And lots of buried treasure. And nice trails.
    Then they would lease the land for hunting and people would also bring things they didn’t want to pay to dispose of. So we have tires, a lot of glass, a mattress decayed down to the springs, a muffler attach to something that will not come out of the ground with our strength … we found a huge commercial sized saw blade, and whole bags of garbage …
    But beautiful woods, rocks the size of compact cars, and some very old pine trees.
    I bet it was gorgeous 200 years ago!


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