when you see there are other descriptions. more accurate descriptions. then you begin to see why other descriptions stop short of what needs to be said. read the label. try something. did it work ? this seedling is a cross of these plants 41 and Counting x seedling 14-043 Dilute) x 45 and Being Alive. i have been trying to use 45 and Being Alive as the pod parent for a long time. it has been a path that remains untraveled. unblazed if you will. eventually that path may be traveled. and it may call for a different combination of parent plants. so i tried something else. in this cross 45 and Being Alive is the pollen parent. it did produce seeds. and those seeds produced this plant. it is a different path. it has a few blaze marks. and the path is just started. where will it go ? we will not know until the path has been walked…

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