and a step down the path. this seedling is a cross of Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile x Vertical Horizon) x a Webster Seedling x ( South Seas x Highland Pinched Fingers)) x Trahlyta Tet. several of these parents could be responsible for the twist. it has another year in the seedling bed before decisions are made. i will have to wait and see what it does next summer…


4 thoughts on “twist

  1. Gradmama2011

    what is the criteria, re waiting to see what this seedling does next summer? As a casual observer…my little box of envelopes with marked LILY SEEDS…and details on each little packet of seeds (12 different lilies that made seeds)… notwithstanding. I personally find this particular seedling less attractive than those that have star-shapes. But what do I know? Maybe the attraction is not all in pretty faces and color-blends. On the other hand, I DO like the color combination in this seedling, and enjoy the pollen stems. Wow, I do have to work on my vocabulary as applied to Daylilies. 🙂

    1. John Hric Post author

      Gradmama – the usual time table – plant seeds year one. year 2 – if I am really lucky some seeds from planting will bloom. year 3 – most seedlings will bloom. Flag select seedlings. Fall of year three move select seedlings out of seedling bed and into extended review area. discard unselected seedlings. So I have 3 seedling planting beds and 3 extended review beds. Each year one of the seedling beds and one of the extended review beds gets emptied and replanted with new selects. The next year it is repeated with the other set of beds. The third year the final set of beds is replanted and then the cycle starts all over again. So depending on how soon a plant blooms I have more or less time to decide if it is worth keeping. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Gradmama2011

        It does make sense, John. Ok…this being the year 1, gathering of the seeds from about eight different plants… They are a long way from being in the “seedling” stage. 🙂

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