temperatures have dropped. the trees are starting to show autumn colors. the black walnut finished dropping its bounty of walnuts. it has joined in changing from green to yellow. and the yellow leaves are fluttering away in the breeze. soon this tree will be bare. it is the last to leaf out in the spring. and the first to drop in autumn. most of the daylily gardens are trimmed down. and a good part of the annuals in pots have been emptied too. the garden is close to ready for winter. two of the compost piles are full of recent garden waste. the third compost bin is empty and finally ready to load. part of the routine to empty a bin is to trench the perimeter removing tree roots. feeder roots. it turns out trees love compost too. this bin had a few roots that were missed in previous years. it took some digging and now that part is cured. a sharp shovel works as good as an axe. inch and a half 3.8 cm roots will slowly yield. and it is a good workout on a cool day. and the compost bin is ready for filling. now about that flower from last summer…


6 thoughts on “cooler

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Gradmama. It is a waiting game. It takes several years to see the mature form and whether or not a plant is happy in the garden. Some look good but struggle to grow in one degree or another. And watching the process is half the fun. And sometimes the frustration too.

      1. Gradmama2011

        Bob used to grow all kinds of things in the basement over winter, bedding plants to set out in spring, etc. Once he grew a bunch of spruce trees in containers, then set them out in a small forest and a line along the highway fence.

      2. John Hric Post author

        Of late the only thing growing in the basement is overwintering lantana and a gardenia. A lot of people plant daylily seeds indoors. Mine go directly in the ground. Much simpler by my needs. Each to their own choices…

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