should i stir gently ? let things simmer slowly ? even taste occasionally to make sure it is not a bitter harvest ? am i so sure to permit only one direction for planting and harvest ? or is it time to look for clues to what mother nature’s harvest might be ?…


7 thoughts on “seedling

  1. TamrahJo

    I do not envy your quest and pursuit of your passion – for myself? Everything you listed is the agonies of decisions I go through as I work in my world – which, other that 6 daylillies gifted to me n 2013? Doesn’t begin to encompass the deep passion you have for this one section of expertise – sigh?

    I recently watched “The Princess Bride” again – LOL – in it, was the [my paraphrase of it] quote, “If someone tells you it’s easy? They are trying to sell you something….”

    Thus? I LOVED seeing this post from you and your world of passion, dedication, etc. It spoke deeply to me on the deep levels of choices we ALL struggle with, here and there, in our own fields of pursuit and passion – :D. THANK YOU! BEST THING for healing my soul, I’ve read this Monday morning!!!


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