yes the flower has that quality too. and i like the colors too. it was flagged for keeping. if the garden fairies are kind they did not switch the flag to another plant. in the usa today is thanksgiving. if you celebrate it may you have a happy thanksgiving. may everyone everywhere find joy and thankfulness. and last and certainly not least hope. may we all find and abundance of hope…


6 thoughts on “symetry

    1. John Hric Post author

      I am trying to wrap my sleepy head around the two blooms idea. It does make sense. One or two blooms this one works for me on several levels. Both the petals and sepals are pinching. It has a nice darker edge around the eye. And a somewhat varied edge to that outline. The eye and throat area have some complexity to the colors. Now to see what it does with a little more room and a little more sun. The seedling bed is a bit stingy on both of those elements. Thanks Judy.


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