this one 12-0619-004 is one of the seedlings that went into the dark purple pattern. and 14-123 is the other seedling. they produced seedling 18-028. you can probably see the strong resemblance in none of them. still mysteries are better that way…


8 thoughts on “red

    1. John Hric Post author

      I love the red too. However that particular red has purple coursing through its veins. Several shades of purple. And some deep dark purple. Which is kinda exciting. Though for the moment I guess it is good to just focus on the red. Glad you enjoy it Gradmama.

      1. Gradmama2011

        I always enjoy your Lily portraits, John. As for the lineage of “Red” that is fascinating to me. For every parent Red has two grands, four greats…etc. It’s always fun to consider lineage… maybe way back to The Bee. 🙂

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