lines and colors. can we follow the lines ? can we sense the colors ? can we sort them out ? can we make sense of the whole ? can we see two flowers ? one next to the other. one running away. one just waiting to join it the very next day…


8 thoughts on “lines

  1. TamrahJo

    Sometimes I see all that before I snap a pic – sometimes? I don’t see it until I open up the pic to share with another – and realize….OH! Lookee there!! How did I miss that????

      1. TamrahJo

        It’s hard, when one sinks into the everything that surrounds one, to catch and absorb it all, at once – before that moment in time slides and morphs into the next moment – :D. The gift and bane of human life and why we seem to continue on, trying, here and there = to stop the moment, capture it, somehow – to revisit through pictures, words, stories, once more – over and over – or at least, that’s the ‘story’ I’m making up, again, this morning, to deal with the awe-inspiring overload my senses witnessed this morning! :D. To be continued…… LOL

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