holding bees

not spelling bees. more like approaching the subject of beauty being in the eye of the beholder from an oblique direction. maybe even so oblique that the angle is sincerely questioned. so which daylily or flower for that matter do i not hold in beauty ? not many if any at all. mother nature has taken flowers in so many directions that i would have to warn a long post follows. and for long flowers humming birds have long beaks and even longer tongues. please someone turn on the literary direction guiding device i may be have gone astray. however if you decide some flowers are not to your liking pray enjoy the ones you enjoy… oh this one is Mildred Mitchell. tomorrow we may discuss sneaking up on bees so one might be holden them without getting stung…


6 thoughts on “holding bees

    1. John Hric Post author

      To whole heartedly agree with your little bit of everything theory I do believe I see the kitchen sink over there to the left. Seriously I do agree. It even looks like there are a few teeth showing up in those ruffles. There certainly is a bit of saw tooth edge. Thanks Dan.


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