this one has a sibling. they are similar. and they are different. and that allows some choices and different directions. one has longer thinner petals. the other has fuller not so thin petals. directions directions…


6 thoughts on “purples

  1. TamrahJo

    Everything I think I’ve ‘learned’ in permaculture/botany TELLS me ‘when living in drought/low moisture levels? Plants with thinner leaves/petals survive better’ and yet….I truly like the ‘fatter petal sibling – simply because? Well, here? if such a cultivar were to survive/thrive here? Would be a ‘beacon announcing abundance/security’ is the only thing I can think of to explain my inner preferences – — LOL that said, I have effectively changed household operations, back down to one human, no 4-leggeds and haven’t washed my truck in a month of blue moon sundays – which means – – TA-DA! Year round? In spring/fall/warm winters with no snow? I have access to my portion of water shares up to 2000 gallons for deep watering certain areas of the place – – in summer (3 months)? 5000 gallons to use for green growing things – YAHOO! Just thought I would share the ‘goal pursued’ & achieved the past 4 months (tweak this/tweak that!) while planning garden areas! Who knows? Perhaps someday, I’ll have an area of daylillies that will frustrate ya – simply because, I will install and just let them do their thing – except, provide water when needed – LOL


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