not that movie

zombies. what happens in vegas stays in vegas. except that movie. the zombies want tell everyone what happens in vegas. and i could not find the channel control. fortunately i found the one flower to control them all. it might not belong to the dark lord. however it does have dark petals. and the veins in the petals confuse the zombies. or nearly so. take a quick peek at the flower and delete this link so the zombies don’t get through. they need to stay in vegas… and if that does not work follow gandalf’s favorite advice – run you fools !…

18 thoughts on “not that movie

    1. John Hric Post author

      If they had any zombie brains they would know they have been tricked by the one flower. I just might have to build a really big compost pile and get a power shovel to turn it frequently. Because even if it does not happen in Vegas what composts in the garden stays in the garden. Who knows zombie weeders… thanks Dan.


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