a number. a seedling number. a seedling number that i may or may not be looking for next spring. it is definitely a seedling of interest in my continuing investigation of mother nature’s mysteries. it was flagged in one fashion or another. and it might sit still in the place it was flagged and perhaps never moved. she who must be obeyed and i went through the flower lists several days ago. flowers was moved here and there both on paper and in the dirt. some things including this one and yes several others too are with peter pan in never land. or never garden. wishes waiting to sink there roots into more permanent dirt… on other counts all is right with things. platelets have been drained at the red cross and several patients should be getting portions of that donation. and i got to watch my favorite movie. again. the old guard is to me a movie of epic proportions. like alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz it is a movie about a strong woman asking import questions about life. call it fantasy. call it sci-fy. i call it intriguing and entertaining. and all three of those women made it back alive. four strong women if you count both women in the old guard. will this be the time ?


4 thoughts on “18-153

  1. John Hric Post author

    Sure John. Just as long as you understand she had 150 some companions in her seedling group. And there are still about 50 lurking here in the garden. So when you call out 18 they might all reply. Thanks


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