as in what is known. the image of the label is not here. so parentage clues are unavailable. of course parentage is nothing except a few clues. garden context places the flower in the 2018 tetraploid seed bed. visual clues a few. purple. size places approximately with some 16-002 seedling crosses. it might be possible to identify it by images from another day. and i do not have all morning. so let’s skip that part. could it be this one might have to get by on good looks alone ? when it is contrasted with grey overcast sky of winter this purple and a few ruffles might look better than three fingers neat in a near by glass. might …


14 thoughts on “what

    1. John Hric Post author

      More like a mosh pit. Sometimes the rows of plantings get a bit blurred and tangled together. Telling who belongs where and what label belongs to what ‘row’ gets more than a bit messy. Go with the flow of the music…

    1. John Hric Post author

      The Acme thesaurus was damaged when the chest landed in the backyard. In fact the landing no doubt was what was responsible for taking out the label. Smashed it to smithereens it did. Acme blames it all on the shipping company. Since it is the shipping companies fault their claim agent says he does not give a beep beep. Thus the vaulted reputation of Acme pasted into history. Now where was I ?


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