storms and

it was a week. stuff happens. i was scheduled to donate platelets this week. however the schedule had to be changed. one can donate every two weeks up to 24 times a year. my scheduled date was too soon. like one day too soon. so the donation was pushed back to thursday. landon came through on thursday. lots of landon. a day of digging out from storm landon. so much digging out that even the platelet center closed for the storm. good news i was able to reschedule platelets for today. the roads were mostly clear. some lanes were not covered in a foot or two of snow. donation completed. one day at a time. as for flowers this one is tonight’s. it is a seedling planted in 2019. it has one more year in the seedling bed. it is another stir and stir again seedling. something to try to see what happens. another try to get new questions. it has a mix of parentage. parentage from different directions. first the seedling and then the parentage…


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