i think this flower was named at an eatery resembling a fast food place. Chicken On the Run. it sets pods so there should be some seedlings from it. under the snow. there were two inches of fluffy white stuff on the drive this morning. it was scraped off. and i hear rumors from those that count that spring is not far off. there were ten robins in the crab apple tree when i was out on errands. maybe spring is coming. maybe the robins were just hungry…


3 thoughts on “chicken

  1. Gradmama2011

    Robins in the Crab Apple Tree…. sounds like great book title!
    The Robins hang around waiting for a worm to pup up. Blue Jays, too. And Cardinals…I had some cardinals in my “Dr. Seuss Tree” but they didn’t hang around once they got a good look at the cats watching them through the window.

  2. susansdailygarden

    White stuff still coming on and off around here too but we heard the birds singing this morning. It is rounding the corner. Feb will zig and zag, and March usually has to get in a couple good snowstorms up here before giving way to spring, but we are definitely making progress from the sub-zero temperatures of the past couple weeks. Hoping yours is even closer!


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