there are all sorts of breaks emerging in the world of daylily hybridizing. there are people working on stripes, broken colors, and spots. this is one of my seedlings that is showing spots. instead of a solid uniform color this flower often has spots, circles of darker pigment. this trait showed up on its own. neither parent of this seedling showed spots on their petals. so where did this change originate ? part of me wants to say i have no clue how it wandered into my garden. the other part of me has to say there are a wealth of genetic mysteries hiding in daylily genes. we only need to be patient to discover them…


7 thoughts on “spots

    1. John Hric Post author

      I think it would have to be crossed with another daylily with this trait to increase the dots. Like I said there are people working on this trait. Thanks Deborah !


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