the line from the old tv show goes something like this : ‘when you can take the pebble from my hand…’ except in this case it is mother nature talking and i am the student. grasshopper observe the seedling. mother nature then goes on to repeat the advise and include the parents. do not just look at the flower. look the total plant. look at all three seedlings. and look back to the parent flowers and the plants, what do you see ? do not watch it for just one day. just one bloom. watch it for two or three years. what ways does it compare to the other daylilies ? keep watching grasshopper…


7 thoughts on “grasshopper

    1. John Hric Post author

      Lauren I totally agree on both parts of your comment. Now to grasshopper’s homework and that would be me. There are three seedlings two with flowers like the one shown. And the other similar except a darker blue purple. What is not show and what is difficult to show is the rest of the plant character. At least two of the seedlings have more height. One has much more height like 12 inches 30.5 cm taller. Two of them appear to have better plant vigor. And then there is evaluating the number of flower buds the new seedlings develop. All of these things go into my er grasshopper’s homework for the next two or three years. Not to mention how cooperative the seedlings are at being a parent. At least how willing the pollen and particularly the pod are at setting seeds. A lot of the strength of a plant comes down from the pod parent. So grasshopper has homework. Mostly delightful homework.


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