no change is without cost. this seedling is no exception. new blood brings new changes. not all of them are on the desired list…


9 thoughts on “cost

  1. TamrahJo

    What changes happened that weren’t on the ‘desired’ list? Just curious, as a pure onlooker and one who will never tackle the full time job of specializing in day lillies and plant breeding/husbandry – I am, however, curious what you are looking at, was hoping for, and how you assess the offspring list of attributes – 😀

    1. John Hric Post author

      The parent 17G-BF003 has a pale lavender ring with a darker purple ring outlining it. In the new seedling does have a pale ring but no outline. Something closer to the ring on the parent was on the hoped for list. Mahukona is a 6 inch flower, the other parent about 4. And Mahukona has an open flower with space between the petals. The new seedling is about 5 inches across. Simply put the hope was for the eyezone from the one combine with the larger flowing flower of the other. Occasionally that happens. Other times it is small steps. The genetics are now combined and that is the first step.


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