a paler shade of pale

what is paler ? the yellow ? or the lavender ?


14 thoughts on “a paler shade of pale

    1. John Hric Post author

      Let me guess into the wrong color ranges ? If it makes you feel any better the touch pad is killing me today. Jumping down to the next comment or even better completely trashing comments before I even know what’s happening. fun fun. Thanks Dan

      1. Dan Antion

        If I leave mine active, the palm of my hand moves the cursor while I’m typing and the result is word fragments inside other words.

    1. John Hric Post author

      I think the orange elder you are referring to is a faded bloom from the previous day. Most likely it is from the same plant or it could just as easily be another seedling right next to it. Hard to tell at this point in time. The seedling bed is a bit crowded.

      1. Gradmama2011

        I suspected as much, the orange one only in proximity. How long before any sprouts appear? I had to put the flats up on a shelf because my cat Bob seemed to think they were some kind of a snack-tray. 🙂

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