come away with me

please ! sorry to disappoint i am talking to the flower. i have been trying to separate these seedlings for several years. something seems to get in the way each time. there are four small distinct clumps of this in the garden. two of them are flagged to save. two of them are not flagged and need to be removed. i want the lavender one flowering above to grow and bloom. i want to use its pollen on lots of other plants in the garden. and it cannot do that competing with its lovely sibling below it. perhaps this year it will make progress. one day one flower at a time…


10 thoughts on “come away with me

  1. John Hric Post author

    Actually if I had my druthers and I don’t I wish this one had a bit of dance or twist to go with its serenity. And tha is what next steps are for. So it is all good. Thanks Lauren.


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