just maybe

now if we could take yesterday’s flower and combine it with this one just maybe we could get the long petals from one and the twist and the dance from the other. and we can worry about the colors in the next go round…


11 thoughts on “just maybe

  1. TamrahJo

    Sigh – trying to be patient as other things like tulips, lilacs, rhubarb are poking their heads out – no daylillies in sight yet – and seems odd, but they are in heavily mulched, but non-irrigated ground and well….I may have killed them through neglect – – sigh – shall wait and see – but perhaps, they will twist and dance up to save me from my sins – 😀

      1. TamrahJo

        Colorado – zone 5b (although sometimes feels like 4 in winter time and zone 6-7 in dog days of summer! LOL I may be ‘rushing the expectations’ on the daylillies – for some reason, my brain doesn’t ‘hold onto’ when, exactly, they start poking their heads out in addition to the listed ones above that I herald as the first signs of ‘spring has officially sprung” – LOL

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