one very wet flower…


11 thoughts on “raindrops

  1. TamrahJo

    Ahh- but to my eyes? In drought ridden west, for so many years? All I see is the beautiful droplets of moisture, memory of drops clinging to leaves of growing things in times past – that once in while? Show up again – if only I ‘catch that rare moment’ when the droplets fall – not in hard hail, that rips things apart – or in biting blowling snow that freezes and kills – sometimes? If I spend o’dark thirty and near dawn time in the garden? I see the droplets, once more – a ‘night dew’ gentle kiss, that loves and sustains – but, well, long time since I’ve viewed droplets on a leaf/petal, such as this – sometimes because of my ‘indoor’ job and sometimes? Just hasn’t happened for awhile – not in this form – THANK you for posting so I can remember what it looks like!

      1. TamrahJo

        Me as well – this year, here, looking not likely, thus far. I stopped on my way west in late January, to gaze upon Pikes Peak – which FINALLY, had the glimmers of a white glistening snow cap, that reminded me of what it looked like in my child hood from September – June, many years – and it was January before it showed up this year!

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