one of the oldest

and still a favorite. Cerulean Star…


9 thoughts on “one of the oldest

  1. roberta4949

    i am also a ne ohio gardener, this year I finally got some energy to have a couple of veggie gardens, and grow alot of flowers from seed, was able to start the seeds in advance by building a temporary unheated greenhouse. we have some daylillies near the front steps, by my rose bed. the biggest challenge for me now is keeping my chickens out of some of the beds to allow the plants to take hold, they are wonderful at keeping bugs at bay including those pesky japanese beetles at bay too. so far the plants are doing good (those that i keep behind fence to keepthe chickens from eating them, lol)

    1. John Hric Post author

      Roberta I totally understand the chickens. My daughter-in-law has chickens with the same benefits and trade offs. Good luck with the veggies. We planted our tomatoes in fabric pots on the drive yesterday. No chickens here though. And as long as the deer stay on the other side of the fence that will be okay. Thanks


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