face plant

about six days ago the first daylily bloom of the 2022 season opened. opps yoda i need. this morning that event continued. not all early blooms are graceful. this one was tangle in the chain link fence. a little gentle handling and it was freed from its face plant. it is called Knower spider and while the bloom was at its normal 8.5 inch 22 cm the scape was not. it was less than half its 38 inch 96 cm listing. then again this plant should not be blooming until july. now to see how many more six days before the next flower opens. because there are a whole lot of scapes getting above the foliage. and all days or more from bloom…


10 thoughts on “face plant

    1. John Hric Post author

      I think it is fair to say things are off to a quicker start this year. I would have to go back to last year to see how much faster. It does vary from year to year. Glad you enjoy the flower Gradma

      1. Gradmama2011

        Last year it seemed to me that the flower-blooming took its time, waiting politely for other varieties to make their entries before they arrived on the scene. Sort of like a fashion show, where each beautiful model waits her turn to sashay down the runway. (I suppose I should say “she or he or they.” 🙂

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