from the seedling bed with a little too much shade…


7 thoughts on “seedling

  1. susansdailygarden

    You are encouraging me to try a few intentional crosses this year. Once we get blooms here, which I hope is in a couple weeks :). I also need to move a few lilies more into the sun.
    As always, thank you so much for continuing the share!

  2. John Hric Post author

    I am glad you enjoy it. I think you will enjoy growing your own even more. Bloom season in the seedling bed is a bit like Christmas except with more presents.

  3. TamrahJo

    bred that way? or the ‘shade’ muted the brilliance of colors? just curious – me? I am more drawn to muted/shades of color than I am to bright, jewel, ummm (my bias will be revealed…) garish colors – thus, I LOVE this one!~! 😀


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