this one was selfed. take the pollen and put it on the pistil of the same flower. in this case the result is a little smaller yet still very pretty…


8 thoughts on “seedling

  1. Gradmama2011

    would a Bee accomplish the same thing if he worked two blooms from the same stem? Would selfing = cloning? This concept/procedure is absolutely fascinating!

    1. John Hric Post author

      A bee might accomplish the same thing. Except I am fairly convinced that bees are not the natural pollinators of daylilies. It is my theory that the natural pollinator of daylilies is extinct. By and large daylilies reproduce by plant divisions. That is one fan breaks off from the other. Most daylilies seldom produce seed pods. There are a few exceptions however it is probably something like 1% of daylilies produce seed naturally without human intervention. Selfing is not cloning. It is still sexual reproduction where the existing genes can recombine. So if a plane has a pair of genes that have one gene dominant and the other recessive the seeds may be and look different from the parent.

      1. Gradmama2011

        I originally had 12 (dixie) cups with seeds from different plants, and one of them has survived so far. I have it in the house next to a little sansaveria (in its own pot) that the lily sort of leans on. It is still in its dixie cup. I have it near the sansaveria because I think it will protect the skinny shoots from the lily. The lily consists of two blades that are about six or eight inches tall. I think its from a yellow parent over “by the garage.” The blades have thickened since I first discovered it, and have a curl at the top. I keep the soil moist. Very exciting!

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