i should opt for extremely pale. however how can one have fun without a good leading straight line ? this is a bloom of pastel proportions. faint orange with an even fainter eye. it might be purple if the blush might be so described. how this one will mature will take time to discover. of course that is really the case with all of them. what they look like on first bloom may or may not look like when it finally matures. even what a ‘mature’ plant looks like may take time to recover when moved to a new garden. and i find myself reluctant to rush mother nature in her revelations. so let the observations begin. now just what will this one do…?

4 thoughts on “faint

  1. Gradmama2011

    reminds me of orange sherbet with specks of strawberry from the ice cream used first by the scoop. I love this orange shade. My own lilies are gorgeous, individually, but they don’t seem to be producing new buds. It was so darn hot, and I watered the plants, but maybe not enough. The scapes (the fan shape growth coming from the bulbs) are visible now whereas last week they were almost lost in the leaves and miscellanous in the bed. My skinny blades from the seed I planted, one of about twenty seeds, seems to be thickening at the base. That one is still in the house leaning on a friendly sansaveria.


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