this is a cross of De Lure De Fleur x Understated Lavender. i will have to look if any other seedlings germinated from this cross. it has good height and bloom size. images of the seedling and parents…

6 thoughts on “seedling

  1. susansdailygarden

    Super interesting – how two lavender daylilies produced a salmon colored daylily! Now I have to check in with my (now retired) web offset printer expert (aka, my dear husband) how the colors occur. And also research Mom and Dad if available.
    Your crosses have finally spurred me on to try some myself. I have to be careful though. I can already tell it could be very addicting. A new level of analysis and creativity!
    Thanks always, for continuing to share! Your daylily crosses are gorgeous!

    1. John Hric Post author

      Lavender x Lavender = Salmon. Yes. Sometimes. Daylilies are among the plants that do not breed true to form. Or to put it another way they have a complex and rich set of genes. Like so many other plants when they reproduce sexually the result is a wide variety. Colors, shape, height, and so on can and will change. And yes it can capture your interest. As for the colors they come in just about every shade except blue. That color is somewhat elusive in daylilies. Not that it stops some people from trying. There are a whole lot of purple daylilies with blue in the name. If you go to and put blue in the ‘name’ selection and check ‘anywhere in the name’ your search will come back with a bunch of purple daylilies which on some days with the right night time temperatures may look blue. Good eye catching the salmon change. Thanks !

    1. John Hric Post author

      And one rather happy gardener. This is a fortuitous result. And those don’t always come easy. Come noon I might have to get out the dram glass…


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