strange odds

this flower statisticly is a rare occurance. daylilies do not often cross between diploid 22 chromosomes and tetraploid 44 chromosomes. this one appears to have done so. it will be a series of tests crossing it with known diploids and tetraploids to determine its ploidy. its known chromosome count. so far its has not set any seeds. the only clue to its ploidy is it suffered a scape burst early on this summer. abundant rain or watering will cause the scape to burst. and it generally does this only with tetraploids. right now it is blooming off a new late season scape. and a third scape is rising next to it. time to get out the test pollens. puzzles are meant to be investigated…


9 thoughts on “strange odds

  1. robertawrites235681907

    Hi John, I didn’t really follow your commentary, but I gather this particular flower is unusual. It is a lovely colour. We have one that is a mixture of orange and yellow in our garden right now. I love it.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Roberta I am going to be crossing this flower with ones I know to be tets or dips to try to determine if this one is a tet or a dip. Flowers that have a blend of colors are some of the most interesting. Thanks Roberta !

      1. John Hric Post author

        Roberta – some of the crosses will simply be test crosses and those seeds may or may not be discarded. They will simply be a cross to prove a plant that is a known tetraploid successfully crossed and produced ripe seeds. Same test for diploid. And record the results. Did it work with both ? or fail with both ? And it might be repeated with multiple pollen parents depending on my patience and time allowances if previous attempts produced negative results. Then if successful and worthwhile it would be repeated with the desired parents. Bloom to seeds can take two or three years. I hope we both see the results !

  2. susansdailygarden

    She is beautiful! So much to learn!
    I really appreciate all you share! It makes me realize I will never be able to get bored while growing daylilies 🙂 A very good thing indeed!!!


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