not yet

the last week or so i have become more focused on the fact that each day there are less blooms in the garden. why ? i know this happens every year. deal with it. i am already in the process of getting ready to make the end of season plant moves. plants to remove to make room have been identified. and plants to save and move have been flagged. and i will have bloom for a while. bloom enough to hinder the plant moves. blooms and seed pods will be disturbed. they will be pampered and avoided until the move must be made. yet move they will. today i forced myself to capture an image of every daylily in bloom. there were about 91 separate plants in bloom. some had a single and last flower. some had several though i did not attempt to count that detail. and some have plenty of blooms and will be an obstacle to work and dig around. and some like this one will be around for another year. perhaps its pollen will meet the red brown flower from the other night…


8 thoughts on “not yet

  1. susansdailygarden

    I would give 10 likes if I could. So wonderful to hear the journey!!!
    Here we had our second to last bloom. Oh how I would love to remove more horrible sod (lol) and replace it with beautiful blooms!
    Just 100 more square feet … That’s all …
    Thanks for continuing to share!


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