why bah ? it is in the name. every day is summer school in the garden. that includes weekends. one of those lessons is the sun is a relentless force. permanent is a relative term. what might look permanent in writing instruments is often not at all permanent when it comes to the power of the sun. so this one is called Permanent Marker-Bah! and the parentage is known only by the sun. and it ain’t talkin. the flower however is still quite beautiful. it is a strong purple 10 inches 25 cm across and it stands on a 38 inch 96 cm scape. this pollen is going to work its way around the garden. i need to set some aside in the freezer for the early blooms next summer. this flower is too pretty to only be enjoyed at the end of the bloom season…


12 thoughts on “bah

    1. John Hric Post author

      Actually #2 pencil on a not too smooth plastic will hold up well for several years. Not sure about the wood part out in the garden. I would be doing a trial piece. I have seen quite a few things burn out and fail in the sun. Not that I do not appreciate the recommendation. The sun is just plain brutal on all sorts of temporary and permanent markers in the garden.

  1. TamrahJo

    I cut up plastic containers into markers – write on with Sharpie permanent marker, if I really – REALLY want to know? I laminate the sucker – – –

    PSYCH! Heck no, I don’t do all that!! Not yet – maybe never – but, I use rocks to establish – or write in garden plan – or …or – – but – I haven’t added to the landfill – got a draw full of sour cream and cottage cheese containers to write on if ever…. LOL

    I saw the 14 inches of rain AND droopy comments – A. – WOW on rain – I too, hope they’re okay! And Droopy?

    Sigh – hot sun, heavy rain, end of year? What? But – beautiful radiation of colors – on the other hand – I”m just a amateur – pretty flower that isn’t water sucking, wipe out all other species, Devil on Wheels shows up at my place?

    um…purty – forgot to mark out here what one that one is – …..LOL

    Back to database and plot map…or….? – – – LOL


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