choose a door

any door. would you like door number a ? or door number b ? c ? how about door number d ? the sad part is i could choose them all. and i might. except that will throw the whole game of garden musical chairs into total chaos. every winner will displace a plant who becomes a loser. and there are way too many pretty faces in the garden. the seedling for tonight comes first. then there are its siblings behind doors numbered b through d. there is going to be an awful amount of digging in the garden this fall. i may wear out a shovel or two. not to mention my back. and wear a path to the fridge for water and other gardener’s emollients… yes really.


5 thoughts on “choose a door

    1. John Hric Post author

      Mary those flowers are all siblings planted in 2020. usually I will plant 5 seeds from each seed pod. I want to keep and name them all. And that first one with the lavender and pale yellow eye is the most captivating for me too. I hope my notes on the flag tape are specific enough so I know which is that one. Or I will have to keep every one until that one blooms again. I have not gotten to the naming part yet so I don’t know what its name will be. But assuming it does not have any major faults and I don’t accidentally loose it that one will get a name. So yes definitely a keeper. Thanks !


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