seeds, seeds, seeds

it was a beautiful sunny day. i collected another 20 seed pods. it is time to take them out of the pods, count them, and label the envelopes. because the dining room is full of envelopes from the weekend. there are a dozen plants blooming today. and another 5 that have not spent all there buds. the garden is slowing down. yet it is far from shut down…


8 thoughts on “seeds, seeds, seeds

  1. Gradmama2011

    a favorite of mine too. Even though my lilies were a flash in the pan this year…although they were each very pretty and colorful. I was in hospital for a few days last week, but I’m as good as new after they inserted a new cardiac stent. That makes three. I also had Covid, but it was incidental, but I was in the lock-down box attended by people in haz-mat suits. They were great. So was I, on my good behavior. 🙂


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