there are some interesting ones for daylilies. this one ? it is called Two Faced Floozy. just for a different reason than you might think. it can have two different looks in the garden because of the ways purples respond to cooler weather. i have yet to see it. this is its first year in this garden. once it does settle in it will bloom a little taller than it did this summer. it should be 46 inches 117 cm tall. and it has a bloom that is 10 inches 25 cm across. it has ruffles on the petals and a little bit of a twist. i am going to have fun with this one finding flowers to cross with it…

8 thoughts on “names

  1. TamrahJo

    I personally like the purple colors and the ruffles at the edge – that said – with an official name like that? Ah – I would have to sit back an observe in fascination for many years – simply because – that name just cracks me up, intrigues me, makes me wonder what all it really means/meant in the era in which it was named OR carry over by the breeder of said plant, and their history of yore, on societal fronts – LOL

    Me? My inheritance on ‘what ‘floozie’ means is mixed – on one front – a female that dances, dares, goes forth and does – no matter who says what – on the other side? A loose woman – in sexual mores – on another side? A whore – sigh – I can LOGICALLY tell myself why I should prefer the daylillies with thinner petals IF I wish to grow where I live (drought land) – I can LOGICALLY tell myself and others why I latch onto to some things – (color, look, style, purpose, underdog, etc.)

    But, the only LOGICAL statement (not really!) I can come up with for loving this one?

    The name cracks me up but the flower picture doesn’t disappoint, and, in the words of Mae West –

    “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”

    That said, I’ve never known an evil Floozy – only learned the evil in hearts of others when they uttered the word and when/how they applied to others/treated others – sigh –

    1. John Hric Post author

      Now that is a quote I never heard before. And I like it. It was a busy summer and the first one here for Two Faced Floozy. I am looking forward to seeing her other look. Glad you enjoy it !

  2. TamrahJo

    I find many quotes from women of the days of yore a liking to my heart/ear/mind – ah – Mae West – one of the Floozies of the early ‘moving pictures’ days – she was a ‘pistol’ to be sure, in many ways – that said – she was preceded by the “It’ girl – Clara Bow – but I don’t know any quotes from Clara – sigh – she was a star in the silent film industry that never lived to ‘make it’ in the ‘talkies’ – 😀


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