purple meets purple

this is a seedling of two purple parents. it is about 6 inches 15 cm taller than both of its parents. first the seedling and then the parents…


18 thoughts on “purple meets purple

  1. TamrahJo

    I swear to all above I can’t tell ya the ‘why’ of it – but I opened up your post, looked at the pictures – oohed – ahhed and my brain started playing a 1970s tune – “Sky Rockets in flight – Afternoon Delight!” – LOL It’s a typical country song from the 70s, I think – full of adultry and cheating etc, so it seems to me, to detract from the pure beauty of all three – but OOHH!!! Skyrockets in Flight!!! Look at all the ways purple just shows up in all it’s glory!!! 😀

    1. John Hric Post author

      Jo I remember the song. And will drift quickly back to purple before I make any off color remarks. It is quite a sight to see how two daylilies combine. And all the different beauty they can generate. So glad you enjoy them.

      1. TamrahJo

        It sometimes alarms me when a lyric/song title and music just pop into my head, only to search, re-listen to and think, “OMG! That was not at ALL what I was thinking it was talking about” – I think I had a very sheltered childhood on some fronts – or perhaps, my brain just doesn’t ‘see the nuances’ until life/society and/or someone else points out, ‘but, splutter! It’s REALLY referring to this!” – 😀 Sigh –

      2. John Hric Post author

        As long as no one was harmed in the filming of the development of this though process it is a win win. Go with that with out the lingering ‘how did I end up in this room?’ thought process. The brain is a mysterious and beautiful thing when it works…

      3. TamrahJo

        Yeah – I have to operate off the root principal that maybe my brain is working and maybe not- I had a stroke back in 2011 – and while many things have improved, to me? ALWAYS a possibility of lurking mis-firing around damaged areas, that haven’t had ‘new pathways built’ around them – LOL – – Thus, because I’ll become totally paralyzed by analysis paralysis if I fail to ‘act’ in any shape or form – while questioning my durn brain everyday on the connections it makes? Sigh – nothin’ for me to do but say it and try to ‘say it’ best I can in arena where if makes no sense at all? Clarification/futher information is given without massive fall out of things I appreciate about another personage (like you!) It’s my current way of dealing with the ‘still not in absolute congruency’ on fronts between all working portions of me – LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Dan. It is a fun thing to look at the family. And it takes about 30 seconds for my what if mind to kick in and wonder about a cross to bring out one trait or another. If I made a bunch of crosses so I could plant 100 seeds from those two parents most of them would be similar yet each would be different enough. And then there would be the odd balls where mother nature says it is time to stop hiding this trait. If only I had that much room and that much energy.

    1. John Hric Post author

      rewind, reference, check notes on what I was doing when I came into this room, reply. They do. Fortunately I have sometime before I bestow a moniker on this one. Pour yourself a generous reward for reminding me the parents/hybridizers have set the bar high on this one… Happy Saturday John.


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