notes and tech gobbity gook

my pictures and the seedling names are a big part of my notes. it is how i keep track and make sense of the seedlings. so i went to save this flower whose notes/name is

18-102 11-047 Highland Pinched Fingers x South Seas)x(Highland Pinched Fingers x Monster) x 16-002 13-066 12-0727-003 Monster x Lavender Branch x 10-098 Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins x Trahlyta tet.

and went to save the image. and when i cropped and resized the image my friend technology asked – replace ” ^/ ” with new image ? that is computer gobbity gook that tells me i have just stepped into the twilight zone. warning will robinson ! warning ! warning ! something in the computer and or image program does not like that name. and the computer thinks it is ” ^/ “. and the file goes straight to la la land. never to be found again. fortunately i was able to save it just using the numbers 18-102 (11-047 x 16-002) det IMG_3623 and strangely enough it even worked. remember technology is our friend. when it works it is. and why often i prefer the garden and just the flowers without too much extra technology…

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