purple n pink

similar to last night except mother nature added purple…


13 thoughts on “purple n pink

    1. John Hric Post author

      I actually have very little control of the outcome. I make the choice of the pollen and pod parents. There is and astronomical set of possibilities in the set of daylily genetics. Similarly trying to duplicate the results of a previous cross are like trying to find two identical snow flakes in a blizzard. The chances are vey slim. Mother nature spins the wheel of fortune and each one is a little bit different. Thanks.

      1. Gradmama2011

        Does a given Lily bulb, whatever, produce similar duplicate blooms. If you had one seedling that turns into a mature plant, will its siblings be similar?

      2. John Hric Post author

        They might be similar. Often each has obvious differences in height, color, and flower form to name a few qualities. And some are vastly different. It depends on the cross and just how many I plant.

      3. Gradmama2011

        interesting hobby. Last year when I first started following your posts I found (in the sidebar) a extensive and detailed “genetics or lily color” article that I found interesting. But I lost track of it before I could save it. I think it was something you had saved from a source and I wanted to keep it.

      4. John Hric Post author

        I have found most of the color genetics are not worth it. I neither save them or use them. So if I did indeed recommend one back then please disregard it. Sorry.

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