and back again

heck we were away from purple for a whole post. this is one of the favorite seedlings this summer. a rich saturated purple with a touch of complexity. images of the seedling followed by the parents. how the seedling turned so dark and where its glowing green throat came from surprises me. daylilies do seem to prefer the unexpected…


12 thoughts on “and back again

    1. John Hric Post author

      Not sure how those two parents did that. One would think I would be used to such surprises by now. I doubt I ever will be when they look like that… Thanks

  1. TamrahJo

    I happen to personally – love purple/cool sides of color spectrum – in fact – I have to WORK HARD to ensure I get a variety of warm colored plants into my landscape/flower/garden plans – because I will, always just sorta be in a ‘blind spot’ of white/blue/purple/green spectrum – for my personal preferences – and yet – all colors are needed for this/that the other – so, for me? AHHH! Check out that purple!!!!

    but thank you too, for posting pics/parents/seedlings that move me out of my preferred color zone – I fell in love with the 4 petaled/sepal one posted in past two weeks (sorry – I was flying through to view/like , maybe comment, on my bloggy pal circle as I could a day or two ago – i was SOO far behind in being either a commentator, viewer, writer or sharer – and if I write/post? Feel it my duty to ALSO read/reply/comment here and there – as I am inspired to –

    Sorry so long – but you should know – I really love sharing links to your blog/pics with those who love garden thingees like I do, here and there – and well – I don’t track nor do I know if it makes a difference to your blog views/stats – but all the same – more beautiful in the world to share here and there – right?


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