9 thoughts on “something

  1. TamrahJo

    ooh! sharing this with my mama! Oh, how my mama loves flowers and the color red! Thank you for sharing! For, she is a child of the southern hills of your state – so – while not fully ‘home folks’ when I share a screen capture of your flowers and words (sorry – but she no longer clicks links, reads blogs – she is getting older and less inclined to risk any link clicks online, cuz, sadly, I trained her well – even if it LOOKS as if OR it IS actually me who sent to her!) sigh – your pic shares and words bring so much joy to me, and to those I love and care about, in my world – BTW – did I ever tell you? A younger than I community member, who faced stage 4 breast cancer and fought for her life and couldn’g tend her flowers/garden like she preferred? me sharing pics and links to your blog? That made a difference for her, too – so thank you, from bottom of my heart, for all you do/post that lifts the spirits of so many, including me! ❤

  2. niasunset

    “something red. something round…” something special, something impressive…. Dear John, exactly you carry your garden in our world, at least it is like that for me. This is my first blog visit today and I found myself in your beautiful flowers….Their colours so impressive all of them talk in their colours. I loved and I love them… You make a great share with all these photographs. Thank you, Love, nia


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