Trahlyta kid

this is Teddy Bears Picnic. a Trahlyta kid. the tetraploid kind with 44 chromosomes. it will be time to try some other crosses with this one next summer. time to see if the second parent choices might be a little better. maybe cross it with this orange seedling and a few others…


2 thoughts on “Trahlyta kid

  1. John Hric Post author

    In the diploid world the ‘brown’ look involves purple genetic combinations. I have crossed brown diploids and gotten purple seedlings. Doubling the number of chromosomes with Teddy Bears Picnic raises the complexity and the curiosity both. Even though I don’t have the room for it I might plant 15 of those seeds. That is if the cross will take. Tetraploids are notoriously fickle. It may take mood music, candles, and wine… on a Ground Hog Day scale of summer pursuit. And may haps some alternate parental choices. And even if it works there is the strong possibility the cross will need to be repeated several times. Tetraploid seed pods while they can and frequently do only contain 3 seeds out of a possible 36. Indeed 3 out of 4 crosses do not take. Seed pods ‘take’ only to fail half way through the ripening process. Very often the two genetic combinations just don’t mesh. It might take a bit of three fingered fortitude to come back at this all summer long. Did I mention mood music, candles, and wine… ? Don Quixote may have to have repair his jousting stick for next summer’s windmills. And lay in a supply of jousting oil too. The three finger variety.


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